About Us

Principles and Values

I served five years in the United States Marine Corps. I know what it means to serve. I know that details matter. I know the importance of having the most accurate information to make big decisions.

The Castles I’ve Built

In 1999, I became a commercial construction carpenter and helped build projects such as Beene Office Park, Willis-Knighton Quick Care, the Independence Stadium remodel, LSU Cancer Center, Harrah’s and several more. After leaving commercial construction I worked several years as a residential trim carpenter, where details matter. I also gained experience installing doors, windows, cabinets and other components of a home while working for an independent contractor for Lowe’s. Additionally, I’ve helped build or remodel at least a dozen homes in the last twelve years.

My Castle

I am married to my best friend, Kelly, and we have three wonderful children together. Our home was built in 1940 and it originally belonged to my grandparents. I remember, as a child, coming up from Baton Rouge, LA to visit her. Over the past ten years, I’ve completely renovated it. Despite all my training and experience, the opportunity to work on our home has taught me invaluable lessons.

My Passion

Like every homeowner, I want my friends and family to be safe. At Castle Home Inspection Shreveport and Bossier City, LA, our purpose is to give you the knowledge you need about your home so that it can become your castle. I love this occupation; every night, I sleep well knowing that I’ve helped people, just like you, with the biggest financial decision they may ever make.


Vent Stack Flashing Damage
Storm damage, old age, or even a defective flashing can allow moisture to enter the roofing material and cause water damage.